Consulting & Research

Nash Information Services, LLC provides research services to industry professionals, investors and entertainment companies. Since 1997, we have been constantly developing our Movie Industry Model, a sophisticated tool for analyzing the past and future performance of movies, including ancillary revenue through DVD and VHS sales and rentals, TV sales, and foreign revenues.

Using our model, we can provide revenue estimates for past movies, predictions of opening weekends and total grosses for current and future releases, and many other financial projections that can be critical in creating a business plan for an independent movie, or planning an investment. Our research services are used by independent producers, investment banks and analysts, technology companies, retailers, web sites and the major studios.

One of our most popular services is our Movie Sales Projection. The projection is based on an extract from our database for movies that are similar to a given project based either on a list provided by our client, or by doing a search based on up to six criteria, including budget, genre and production method.

Based on this information, we provide a projection for the profit or loss that will be made by the movie, based on our distribution model for studio distribution, or by working with our client to identify an alternative distribution strategy appropriate for the particular project.

The Movie Sales Projection breaks down revenue into US and international theatrical and home market income, TV rights sales and other ancillary revenue.

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