Data Services

OpusData is the extensive database that powers everything on The Numbers and provides the basis of our research services. It contains information on about 50,000 movies and counting, including budgets, US and international box office, US home market consumer sales and rentals, as well as biographical information on approximately 200,000 actors, directors, producers and technicians. OpusData seeks to gather as much financial data on each film as possible and contextualize it using a rigorous classification system. It is meticulously curated by our team to include categorization information such as the genre, production method, source, MPAA rating, etc. As a result, the database can be efficiently navigated to locate exact information.

We also track the home video market performance for over 1,000 major movie releases including the DVD and Blu-ray sales, VOD purchases and rentals, and estimated revenue from subscription streaming services.

The information is available in a variety of ways to assist our clients in receiving their needed scope of data.

For clients requiring live access to our continuously-updated data we can provide online tools, website widgets, API access, or even replicate data tables into their own databases. We are also sources of data for application developers and those reporting on the film industry.

For those seeking static extracts of data for academic or commercial use we offer a range of standard extracts in spreadsheet form or can provide customized extracts.

For those looking for limited data on a large number of specific titles, we offer a subscription add-on service to The Numbers that allows users to access figures for all sources of Domestic revenue for every film in our database.

Please email us at to connect with a member of our team and allow us to find a solution to your data needs.

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